Introducing Beer Here Now, The Official Thornbridge Podcast.

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We have teamed up with James Marriott and Adam Nicholson from Sheffield Hopcast to launch an official monthly Podcast.

Every month, hosts James and Adam will be bringing the latest news from the brewery along with a host of features.

They’ll be going behind the scenes and meeting the people behind the beers, learning about the history of the brewery, finding out what's coming up, and lots more.

James Marriott, Beer Here Now host, said "Both Adam and I have been fans of Thornbridge for years, so the opportunity to link up with the brewery to produce this new show is absolutely great.

It's not a boring corporate podcast - it's a fun and lively show with loads in it for all beer fans, old and new. Plus, we have big plans for some special episodes which we're working on now.

"We've also made it really easy for listeners to get in touch with their feedback and ideas for future episodes."

You can subscribe to Beer Here Now through your preferred Podcast app. For more information head over to the Beer Here Now website or follow the podcast on twitter @thornbridgepod  

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