Beer Here Now... at Thornbridge Hall

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We launched our own podcast, Beer Here Now, at the end of 2018, and since then, we’ve been wanting to make the boys get their hands dirty.

Adam and James are the hosts of the show and so far, they’ve had a pretty easy ride - mainly tasting lots of new beers.

Well this month, we turned the tables. They were told to report to the brewery to help out with the brew day on Monday morning. What we didn’t tell them is that they were being stationed at Thornbridge Hall, the original brewery site, where we still brew.

They expected to be using all the computers and gizmos at the main brewery site… but ended up having to don their wellies to help dig out dozens of bags of malt from the mashtun.

It wasn’t all hard work though as they were also treated to a tour of the beautiful 12 acres of gardens at the hall by our Production Manager Dominic Driscoll.

Take a listen at how the day unfolded here

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