Thornbridge Flagship Beer Tasting Kit - 8 beers and teku glass

Thornbridge Flagship Beer Tasting Kit - 8 beers and teku glass

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Showcasing our range of Flagship beers, Includes a fantastic Teku glass, the perfect way to drink craft beer

1 x Allott ABV 4.8% / 330ml can

Allott is packed with the classic garden fruits, Strawberry and Rhubarb, which complement the beer fantastically. They add a light pink hue and an enticing combination of sweet and tart which plays delicately with the Lemonade character

1 x AM:PM ABV 4.5% / 330ml bottle

AM:PM is a session IPA, allowing you to enjoy all the flavours and body of an IPA at a lower ABV. Bags of tropical fruit aromas, pineapple, tangerine, guava and passion fruit are balanced with a chewy, honeyed malt character. 

1 x Cocoa Wonderland ABV 6.8% / 330ml bottle

A full bodied, robust porter with natural mocha malt flavours from the complex malt grist, complementing the decadent additions of real chocolate to the maturation process

1 x Green Mountain ABV 4.3% / 330ml can

A beautiful hazy Vermont Session IPA. We generously dry hop with Galaxy, Mosaic, Citra and Amarillo hops, creating a hugely aromatic and juicy fruit bomb. This product is vegan friendly.

1 x Astryd ABV 3.8% / 440ml can 

Astryd is light, fresh and fruity. This juicy pale ale is overflowing with tropical fruit flavours and aromas from start to finish, with a delicate hop bitterness for balance.

1 x Jaipur ABV 5.9% / 330ml can

With over 100 worldwide awards, this American style IPA has a complexity of flavour created by a six-dimensional hop experience

1 x Lukas ABV 4.2% / 330ml can

Helles is a traditional, elegant Bavarian style of beer originating in Munich. Lukas is straw blonde, full-bodied yet sparklingly light.

1 x Tzara ABV 4.8% / 330ml bottle 

Koln style beer, Tzara is a hybrid beer, fermented like an ale but matured like a lager. A broad, almost fruity palate with some bready notes. Crisp and Refreshing.

1 x Teku Glass 42cl

This Thornbridge Teku enhances the craft beer drinking experience by concentrating the craft beer’s aromatics and helping with proper head retention

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