Contents of the Explorer box, 8 beers and Teku glass

Thornbridge Explorer Beer Tasting Kit - 8 beers and teku glass

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Explore our extensive range of beers with a fantastic selection that includes an exclusive Teku glass, the perfect way to drink craft beer

1 x Hay Bale ABV 6.5% / 440 ml can

An IPL is where IPA meets lager; Hay Bale is a crisp, clean and refreshing lager, with a tremendous punch of flavours from the hops. Expect a fantastic, tropical aroma, followed on the palate by flavours of peach, mango and lemon.

1 x Whiskers on Kittens ABV 5.2% / 440 ml can

A Dunkel Weisse, to which we have added a tantalising amount of chocolate. The base is already rich and complex, with a full rounded mouthfeel and a roastiness coming from the traditional malt bill. There are characters of ripe banana, raisin and coffee all present and the chocolate works as a fantastic finishing touch.

1 x Hopton ABV 4.3% / 330ml bottle

Relatively light in colour and brewed using all British ingredients, Hopton has a bountiful addition of East Kent Goldings hops. This brings a robust bitterness and a gentle citrus aroma, accompanied by just a touch of malty sweetness.

1 x Three of Hearts ABV 5.0% / 330ml can 

This is our first hard seltzer brewed with the world-renowned Mikkeller. The passionfruit really shines through, creating a great depth of flavour for this style. It’s light, crisp and outstandingly refreshing.

1 x Lord Marples ABV 4.0% / 330ml bottle

Named after the aspiring Marples of Thornbridge Hall, this classic British bitter tastes of honey and caramel. A surprising smoothness is met with a long bitter finish.

1 x Sequoia ABV 4.5% / 330ml bottle

Sequoia pours dark amber and exudes a beautiful citrus and pine aroma. Expect a smooth body with hints of roasted hazelnut and toffee malt flavours.

1 x Mikan Shimoda ABV 4.5% / 330ml can 

Our collaboration with Tonkotsu, this pale ale is beautifully light and fresh with a tantalizing sweet orange aroma. On the palate expect a crisp, citrusy character that will complement your favourite ramen.

1 x Valerio ABV 5.0% / 330 ml bottle

Valerio is a vibrant, fresh tasting, tropical Pale Ale. Hopped exclusively with Australian Galaxy, Victoria Secret and Ella to give aromatic flavours of Orange, Pineapple and a hint of spice. Let your tastebuds travel to sunnier climes with this clean, easy drinking Pale Ale

1 x Teku Glass 42cl

This Thornbridge Teku enhances the craft beer drinking experience by concentrating the craft beer’s aromatics and helping with proper head retention

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